5 steps to Pitch your venture in the right manner to the investors

There are array of projects that market has to offer to investors and it is very important that your pitch is to the point, crisp and sun dried.

Step 1: Investors have Eyes, Ears and Nose

It's very important that you focus on what an investor likes to hear, see and sniff in your venture. The pitch needs to talk about revenue, profits, timeline, budget and concept. Rest of it really doesn't make sense.

Step 2: Cost Cutting and Sales

The biggest venture in the world works well only when you can practice cost cutting on daily basis and crack sales on hourly basis. The plan should talk about cost cutting and sales strategy well.

Step 3: Operations and Marketing Costs

Always see whether your cost sheet is making sense in terms of operations and marketing and is included in your selling price.

Step 4: Is your idea futuristic?

It is very important that your idea is sustainable and scalable. Will you invest in a venture which will saturate in next 5 years or cannot be made global?

Step 5: Do you know how to rotate your funds?

As an Entrepreneur it is essential that you know when your account statement reads "debit" and when it reads "credit". The more you learn how to sustain credit in your bank statement, the easier it will be for you to get investors.

Need more info mail me at akash.goila3@gmail.com or tweet me @akashgoila003

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