5 easy steps to train your digital marketing dragon

June 25, 2016



Advertising in it's on sweet way has simply dented your pocket deeply and it's time we start practising Marketing in a cool, cost effective and a very productive manner. Here are 5 easy steps to control how you market for best results.




Always see what your Alexa Rank is. Just log on to www.alexa.com, Search for your web page in the search tab and see what is your world rank, site traffic, also the time spent on your website. The most important thing is to see What? keywords people are searching you for and that will help you learn what is in demand in your industry.




Writing blogs on a specific topic and make sure that the people read your posts under the same section. For instance if your topic is motivation make sure you use the right hash tags to promote your blog all across social media be it instagram, snapchat, twitter, facebook, youtube, google.



Stay Clutter Free!

Don't create too many pages, topics for people to read about you, always promote one link, one topic properly so that people are able to reach you easily and you are able to accumulate the maximum followers and subscribers. For instance, if you start from YouTube make sure your channel is subscribed the maximum and your focus is not on other platforms.




Hire an Influencer 

Always get in touch with a person with huge network base who can promote your link and let them share, like comment on your link to drive extra traffic.



Interactive Marketing

Always post questions, that prompt people to read or follow your links. Start a conversation always.



Need more information? Email me at akash.goila3@gmail.com or Tweet @AkashGoila003




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